Happy Mid-week Party Day! (Oh, and maybe something about like, the veterans, or something?)

Posted on November 12, 2009


So today, I got up bright and early to begin a productive, industrious day off.

The alarm went off at 8:30, and I leapt out of bed, ready to begin a new day.

I was doing my homework late into the night, so I slept in this morning.

My loud-ass hall-mates tramped around outside my room at some unheard of hour of the morning (1:30pm), as I woke up and groped around blindly for my phone so I could check my twitter updates. My phone told me that Dave Days was live on BlogTV, and I found that worthy enough incentive to drag myself out of bed and get some breakfast, half of a cold quesadilla from three days ago. (Ah, to be young and out of J points).

I had no sooner turned on my computer, however, than Lauren (my roommate) informed me that I was going to go play soccer in the park with her and our hall-mate. We rode the bus to the park, and as I am tragically bad at soccer (no, I mean, really bad. I would place last playing soccer in the Special Olympics. I’m a drama kid for a reason), I spent most of my time running around barefoot, falling down, and making fun of Lauren for being so cold all the time.

Then I got one of those undeniable, unquenchable, can’t-be-ignored cravings for Starbucks. (Corporate tool? What? That’s silly). So I rushed back to my dorm and put on my Starbucks shoes, and Lauren and I made the 10 minute bus ride to Eureka so I could order my extra-hot venti caramel latte.  We then waited another half hour for the bus and rode the ten minutes back to campus.

After that, a group of us went to the sauna. To be perfectly honest, I never really understood the hype about being semi-clothed in a small, dark room with temperature far too high, but I’ve gotta admit, after being bundled up in the out-of-doors where the temperature is way too cold, the sauna sure felt good. After getting out of the sauna, I briefly smelt myself and decided a shower was in order.

Then I went back to my room and watched YouTube until my brain oozed out my ears.

The end.

On a side note, WordPress doesn’t recognize the word quesadilla. Racists.

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