Posted on January 29, 2010


So, in an effort to fight off the effects of staying in my dorm 24/7 (the effects of which include turning into a vampire, and not the sexy David Boreanaz type vampire, I mean that weird vampire that doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t get invited to all the swinging vampire parties), whenever I’m feeling especially claustrophobic I like to grab my computer and spend all day watching YouTube in the library.

Not much of a change, I know, but the internet is faster here and they have a cafe right downstairs. Of course, you’re not allowed to eat or drink anything in the library, so it means I have to smuggle my coffee upstairs with ninja-like skill (which leads me to ask the question of why have a cafe in the library in the first place, but whatever). Anyways, the picture is taken from my favorite spot in the library, and my laptop camera really doesn’t do it justice. I like the fact that it looks like the forest is eating the Behavioral and  Social Sciences Building, which of course makes for a nice role reversal.

You don’t really want to know how long it took me or how ridiculous I must’ve looked trying to set up my computer just right to take this picture.

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