What in the World Could That Be?!

Posted on February 1, 2010



Look quick, because after my next post it’s not going to be pointing at the right spot anymore. So, I have to keep a blog for English class, and I decided to do mine about current events.  I’m sorry it’s hosted by a different website; it’s not exactly what I’d call streamlined, but I had very little choice in the matter. (and by “very little” I mean absolutely none).

Anyways, I already have my first post over there, and you can go check it out and comment and shtuff if you want.  But please remember than anything you write, my English teacher, and maybe my entire English class, will read. So let’s keep and classy and not drag out any naked baby pictures, alright?

Oh, and tell me how you like Blogspot as opposed to WordPress. I know on my end, I like WordPress better (hence, why I chose it to host my blog), but if you kiddies like reading pages that say “Blogger” at the bottom better, maybe I’ll switch.


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