Posted on February 25, 2010


So today, I’d like to talk about patriotism. It’s a funny thing. I’ve never considered myself a particularly patriotic person. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country and all that, 4th of July, Support the Troops, Land of the Free, Don’t Tread on Me and all that good stuff. But there are other groups I identify with before considering myself an American. For example, I’m more likely to identify with a foreign Nerdfighter than a good ol’ fashioned down home American (pronounced am-MER-ee-kun).

Which leads me to puzzle over a certain event that happened yesterday via the YouTube comments section. I was engaged in a civil discussion with an individual from France, over the complete and utter fallacies of logic in a certain video (It’s this one, if you’re interested. It’s almost funny, except that they’re completely serious), when s/he began talking about the multitude of “cretin” fundamentalists in the U.S., and how in France they wouldn’t stand for it. Now wait there just one minute.

It’s at this point that I find myself defending my overly-religious, bigoted, self-righteous, hate-spewing, fundamentalist, whack-a-doo countrymen*, and how their presence somehow makes this a great country. I certainly never thought I’d find myself doing that.


Stupid Frenchy. Don’t you have some surrendering you could be doing or something?

*please note that I DO NOT under any circumstances think of all religious people or even all fundamentalist religious people as “overly-religious, bigoted, self-righteous, hate-spewing fundamentalist whack-a-doos.” But there are some overly-religious, bigoted, self-righteous, hate-spewing fundamentalist whack-a-doos, and I was even defending them. Additionally, I would never call them “cretins.”

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