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Posted on February 28, 2010


I don’t know if it shows what time I posted this or not, but it’s currently 4:02am, and I’m up editing a video for class, blogging, blogging (also for class), cyber-stalking Jory Caron, and reveling in Zac Little‘s awesomeness. Again. At this time of night, the internet is so fast I can do all of this pretty smoothly, although watching two videos at a time is kinda tough on it, and me, for that matter. I think if I have to watch/steal one more pirated clip of Laguna Beach in grainy 360p I’ll gouge my left eyeball out with a slightly used spork*. You’ll see why, maybe, later; if the video I’m working on turns out to be any good I’ll post it on YouTube.

Anyways, it’s my favorite time of the day, that time when it stops being night and isn’t quite morning yet, and it’s just kind of motionless, and everything feels like it’s waiting for something. It’s when I feel truly focussed and awake.

And I the scary part is, I could see myself doing this forever; staying up all night blogging, or writing, or editing, or something. Something that I could do on my couch on my MacBook at whatever time I feel like.

So, if you could wrangle up some fool who would pay me to do that, that would be great. #homework.

Another thing about all-nighters, you know when you wake up and there’s suddenly a massive zit on your forehead and you’re all like “Holy crap! Where the eff did that come from?!” Well, one of the perks of staying up all night is that you actually get to witness those bad boys setting up shop on your face. They emerge slowly, gradually getting bolder and more confident as they lose that shyness. Getting a zit is very much like feeding a chipmunk. #ishouldtotallyhavemyownnatureshow.

*”A vague disclaimer is nobody’s friend.” That’s from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 4. I knew nobody would get it, and that’s why I put it down here, at the end.

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