Posted on April 2, 2010


*Dr. Who, Season 2 spoilers ahead*

Every week I tell myself I won’t do this, but that never seems to stop me. Every Friday I buy an expensive and extravagant foodstuff in order to celebrate the coming weekend that uses up my entire food budget, so that I can’t eat for the remainder of said weekend. This Friday it’s this:

Quad white mocha. I’m sorry, but if I’m going to watch Rose Tyler die in the season 2 finale, I’m going to need a little something to bolster my emotional strength. Is it bad that I form stronger relationships with fictional characters than I do real people? Since I can’t hear you, I’m just going to go with no, that it’s perfectly normal. Self-deception is bliss.

Watched season finale. Rose didn’t die after all, but I almost wish she had; there would have been more closure. Picture me sitting in my dorm room clutching my computer screen, sobbing uncontrollably and screaming “Just tell her that you love her before the void in space-time closes up and you never see her again!”

If you’re thinking I’m weird, that’s nothing compared to what my roommates think of me.

But its ok, because five minutes later he’s got a new companion to travel through space-time with. You’d think hot, blonde, helpless damsels in constant need of saving were a dime a dozen. Maybe after I’m done with Twilight, I’ll give Dr. Who the feminist treatment. That’s right, I’ve picked the topic for my essay. My thesis statement is along the lines of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer presents a more positive role model to young girls than Twilight.” Or something like that. I haven’t got the exact wording down yet, but that’s the gist.

My decision came down to this: I overslept and thusly had about 10 minutes in which to write my 300-word prospectus. As I don’t yet have fully-formed opinions about copyright law, and had zero time to do any rudimentary research, I went with the topic that I know entirely too much about, and about which I can summon random facts on the spot. Enough random facts to fill 300 words, at least.

Alright kiddies, that’s enough of that, I’ve got a lot of “research” to do. Happy Friday.

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