BEDA #6: Homework (Yes, I do it on occasion, try not to die of shock)

Posted on April 6, 2010


You know its a bad sign when your teacher’s introduction to the homework looks like this: “The previous chapter favored those who loved geometry. This next one is for math fans and computer programmers.”

Great. So I suppose the theatre majors should just make their brains explode now and save themselves some time? I’m really glad I’ve never met this teacher; I may have killed him by now.

Also, my English teacher put the kibosh on my Buffy the Vampire Slayer paper (dammit), so any new ideas for an argumentative research paper? Preferably by tonight? Or before 1:00 tomorrow afternoon?

Plus I’ve still got to read three religious-themed books and write a paper on them by next week. What have I been doing all semester? Oh, right.


Speaking of being pissed off, you know what pisses me off? This. And this. I may blog about that for English next week, if I’ve cooled down about it by then, and can express a coherent thought about either of those topics without interjecting some colorful expletives. Because right now, I’m agreeing with this guy (note, link not appropriate in any way, shape or form.)

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