BEDA #11: Complete and Utter Merde

Posted on April 11, 2010


And on the eleventh day, she finished watching The Show with Ze Frank, and she saw that it was the work of genius. And she saw all the works of genius that came out of forced creativity; she saw projects that began and twisted and turned and formed into something beautiful, by the gentle guiding of their creator, who was smart and funny and creative and looked at the world differently than all the rest of us. She saw these projects, and these creators, and saw the fountain inside them that, once tapped, kept flowing and flowing with magical ideas. Then she looked inward, towards her own fountain. And she saw that if she created something everyday for an entire year, it would not take off, it would not form a life of its own. It would not be beautiful. Some fountains flow with constant magic, and some do not. Hers did not. And that is the way it is. For some people were meant to create genius, that amused and brought together and inspired. And some were meant to wish that they could.

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