BEDA #14: Cowards

Posted on April 14, 2010


This week JezuzFreek777 got his YouTube account suspended, due to false flagging. For those of you YouTube n00bs out there, if a YouTube video violates YouTube terms of service, (which basically say, don’t encourage or show violence, don’t upload porn, and don’t, DON’T use copyrighted materials) any viewer can anonymously “flag” the video, which is supposed to mean that a notification gets sent to YouTube and they review the video and see if it should stay up. Normally what actually happens is that if a video gets flagged enough, YouTube takes it down without looking at it, or warning the owner of the video. If enough of one users videos get flagged, their account gets suspended or terminated.

If you couldn’t tell, JezuzFreek is, well, a Jesus freak. He’s a YouTube Christian who makes videos talking about the Bible. The YouTube religious scene,as you can probably imagine, is well, heated. And JezuzFreek has a lot of enemies.  Thusly people decided that they didn’t want to allow him a platform to speak from anymore, and flagged his videos.

The thing I can’t understand is this: How does a person make the connection between disagreeing with what a person has to say, and then wanting to take away their right to speak? Under what rationale is that the logical “next step” in the thinking process? Please, let me know what you think. And if you say something I don’t like, I promise that I won’t delete your comment.

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