BEDA #20: Happy Holiday

Posted on April 21, 2010


I rarely talk about the sub-culture that goes along with living in Emerald Triangle in this blog, partly because it is so ubiquitous that after a while, you don’t even notice it. But then you step back and gain a little perspective and realize that to the rest of the world, today wasn’t even a celebration. In no other places were friends wishing each other a Happy 4/20, as prevalent as the wishes of a Merry Christmas during the holidays. And as I am a not-Christian who celebrates Christmas, I found myself returning the well-wishing sentiments to my friends and classmates today, as a not-user who enjoys the feeling of a celebration, even if I don’t necessarily partake in the activity being celebrated. I didn’t hang out in the woods or parks today, the traditional festivities. This was mainly because, as per Humboldt usual, it was pouring rain, and instead I sat in my room, soaking in the merriment of the celebration that was all around me.

Also, for never having done anything illegal in my life, I have an irrational fear of cops.

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