BEDA #28

Posted on April 29, 2010


Hi everybody.

So I found this today on the interwebz, and it made me chortle.

Probably because I’m an internet/Apple dweeb. Definitely look up the footage of the iPhone 4g. I was seriously drooling on my keyboard, because I’m a dweeb.




This also made me chortle, but it was more of a dark comedy type deal.

On my computer, this picture is saved as “Arizona, you’re a douche bag.”

So, BEDA is coming to a close. Oh noez! If you have any ideas for a last-day-of-BEDA-celebration-spectacular, be sure to let me know, or else the last post is probably going to be me being all emo about what the experience has taught me and all that B.S. It’ll probably be titled something like “BEDA: A Reflection” or something equally vomit-inducing.

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