BEDA #30: Wrap-up.

Posted on April 30, 2010


Wow, its over already.

I’m going to be honest, there were days when I really, really didn’t want to write anything, when I just wanted to go to bed, or watch videos, or do anything else. And there were days when I think my content reflected that. There were days when there was something I really wanted to say, but I couldn’t say it, mainly because the subject matter wasn’t appropriate, or I couldn’t express my point without profanity, and what not.

Then there were those days where I would stare be staring at the blank screen, my head completely empty, when suddenly a brilliant idea would come to me. There were days when I would scribble something down at 4 in the morning and post it, to wake up the next day and realize that that thing I wrote in a sleep-deprived haze was actually pretty good. There were those days when I would be sitting in class, and suddenly an opening sentence would just come to me, and I could not wait to get to my computer to share it with you guys.

But the important thing isn’t so much what I wrote, I think my main accomplishment lies in the fact that I did it. I posted something everyday this month, and that is quite an accomplishment for me. I tend to begin elaborate projects and abandon them halfway through, once I get bored with the idea or realize that its going to take more work than I originally planned to invest. To be perfectly honest, I thought that this project would end the same way. So this is a victory blog for me, this is me showing off my work, not the actual content, but the fact that I actually have some work to show. This is me reveling in my own self-projected glory.

But I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Everyday, I get up and the first thing I do (after coffee, of course) is check the comments, to see what you guys thought about my latest. Your encouragement and compliments and discussions and critique helped more than you know.

Inspiration through desperation has always been where I get most of my creativity, and that’s mostly why I can say I’ve written some things this month that I am honestly proud of. Now, if only I can find some way to harness that procrastinative creativity beforehand, so I have time to effectively revise, and deliver higher quality content by the deadline. That’s something I will continue to work on. I think semi-regular blogging is the best thing I could do for myself. So, although this is the end of daily blog posts, its not the end of blogging all together, nor the end of regular blogging. I’m trying to figure out a schedule that will work for me, and you guys will figure it out as I start to stick to it.

Thank you all. Its been a laborious, but wonderful month for me, and I hope it hasn’t been completely forgettable for you, either.

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