Hi Everyone

Posted on May 7, 2010


I missed you.

I wake up and I have no new comments, and then I am sad. Well, I say I wake up, but that would require me going to sleep, which hasn’t been happening regularly lately. Which is also the reason I haven’t been posting regularly, like I said I would. But, all of my final projects are turned in, so now all I have to worry about is the actual test-taking, which should be easy, right?

Yeah, I know, college is hard, profound, innit? But lately I’ve had a bad case of you’re-not-as-smart-as-you-think-you-are syndrome. Partly because of finals, but mainly because I’m not as smart as I think I am. It also could be because I’ve been watching a lot of Richard Dawkins lectures.

Richard Dawkins, by the way, is a prick. A really massive prick.

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