Posted on May 25, 2010


On Saturday, I went to the show, hung out at Denny’s, and then Kyle drove me home. The ease with which I slipped into the same routine of so many Saturday’s past made it easy to forget my extended absence from the schedule that was once my entire life. That year of college was merely a high schooler’s day dream of intellectuality and independence. The only indication that my year away from this old place had been a reality was the second it took my old friends to see past the new hair and new demeanor and shriek in excitement and recognition, before an enthusiastic embrace. I too, took a few seconds to place people in my memory, either because their faces had changed just enough to not immediately register, or my mind had slightly distorted the faces in my  memories. All the old places, too, had changed just enough to feel almost like someplace different. Tiny changes, changes that you don’t even notice, pile up for a year until sitting at a booth in restaurant that you used to eat at everyday feels like a dream you had once that is now coming true.

Or maybe it was me that had changed.

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