Oh Hi

Posted on August 1, 2010


Oh my gosh kiddies, Hi! I missed you.

Typically when one takes an extended leave of absence from a particular stage of their existence, they are obligated to provide a list of excuses for said absence upon their return. But I won’t bore you with that, instead I’ll link you to this, because, as per usual, Tom Milsom can explain my feelings better than I can. Just, when you’re reading it, and come to a part where Tom mentions something fun and adventurous that he did, replace it with me working, and you’ll pretty much get an accurate description of what’s been going on with me.

Anyways, it is now August, and apparently BEDA is something that happens during every month that begins with the letter “A,” so I’ll give it a shot. I’ll probably fail miserably, but there you go. At least I tried. What more do you want?

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