Ballot Propositions

Posted on October 27, 2010


So yesterday I went to an open discussion about the propositions on the ballot. I even made  posters about Prop 20 and 27, and they won the poster contest. No big deal.

More to the point, a few political science professors, the county D.A., some city council members running for reelection, and others, sat at the front and talked about the statewide propositions. I found it vastly interesting, and it helped me decide how I’m going to vote. So, this is what I’ve decided. Sowhat about you? Made any decisions yet? Disagree with me? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Prop 19- the weed one: Yes.

It comes down to the fact that California shouldn’t let fear of the federal government guide its decisions. Yeah, it couldn’t really be any more vague, and its going to cause tons of problems, but I think its important that we start this national conversation.


Prop 20- Redistricting by Commission: Yes.

As of this morning, house seats in 21 of California’s 53 districts were 100% guaranteed to go a certain way. 100%! What’s the point of even having an election?


Prop 21-State Parks: Yes.

I like state parks. Also, come on, it’s 18 dollars!


Prop 22-robbing locals to pay real debts: No.

Do I want my town to have better sidewalks? Yes

Do I give a damn about the sidewalks if the state can’t afford to give me financial aid? No


Prop 23- Dirty Energy Prop: No.


Prop 24- Business taxes: Yes.

These tax laws were only passed because legislators had to make some shady deals in order to get the budget passed. Big businesses should definitely be paying more taxes, not less.


Prop 25- State Budget: Yes.

It seems commonsensical to me. I’d rather have a shotty budget than no budget.


Prop 26- Taxes and Fees: No.

I think we should be making it easier to raise taxes, not harder to raise fees. I guess that’s just the commie-hippie-liberal-douche bag in me.


Prop 27- Redistricting by Legislature: No.

Districts ought to allow voter’s voices to be heard. The legislature fails at that.



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