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Occupy Humboldt Protest Continues Into Fifth Day

October 10, 2011


It is Wednesday afternoon and the rain is pouring down. A group of people stands in a corner of the U.C. Center quad with protest signs.  They are the protestors of the Occupy Humboldt campaign, and they are just one part of a much larger protest sweeping the nation. The Occupy protests began on Wall […]

Sunday Morning

September 12, 2010


Sunday mornings on a college campus are a spectacle unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It starts early, with the diehards staggering, or being carried back to their rooms as the sun rises. Then comes the great migration that is the Walk of Shame: people quietly slipping out of random rooms and walking down the hall […]

Ramblings Part Duex

January 23, 2010


So after I go to Botany at dark o’clock, I have a designated More Coffee and YouTube break. Then I go to kickboxing. Well, in theory anyways. I haven’t actually been yet, as I just found out about the class on Thursday night, and so I haven’t been yet, like I said (try to keep […]

I Know You’re all Just Dying to Know, So…

January 23, 2010


Here’s a rather lengthy, vapid, laborious description of this semester’s classes: Let’s pretend it’s a Monday, or maybe it really is a Monday, in the future, when you’re reading this. I don’t know. But if it’s not Monday, just do me a favor and pretend, ok? It’s not like it really matters, so just stop […]

2009 Q-Fest

November 3, 2009


The Qross Qultural Queer Film Festival is this week, as is the 2009 Campus Dialogue on Race. Both events are designed to promote tolerance and create a safe for students and faculty to discuss their differences with respect and yada yada yada. Then this guy showed up. He was standing on his soap box (no […]